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Conditioning and Work Outs

To add strength - 3-6 repetitions in good form

To increase muscle size - 8-12 repetitions in good form

To increase muscular endurance/ add shape to muscles - 12-20 repetitions in good form

Lower Body:

Back Squats -around a parallel level, moving hips backward.

Reverse Lunges

Lateral Lunges

Hamstring Curls

Kettlebell Swings (not american swings)



rows (just about any variation

Chin-ups/Pull ups/Hangs

Weighted suitcase Carries

Band Pull-a-parts

Band Bow and Arrows-Exactly as it sounds hold a band and retract one arm from the other that is straight forward in front of you.

Push-ups/Chest Presses

Provided by:

Zechariah Griffey

Director Sports and Fitness, Treo Sports and Fitness


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